Mahler Symphony

“A symphony must be like the world, it must contain everything” - Gustav Mahler

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Composing during a time of great change in Europe, Gustav Mahler’s music is inexorably tied to the transition in classical music that occurred in his lifetime. Mahler began composing whilst studying at the Vienna Conservatory though little of this early material survives. He developed as a composer during his tenures as conductor with orchestras across Europe and finished his first symphony in Budapest. Mahler wrote consistently throughout the course of his career, with the bulk of his symphonies being written whilst working as the director of the Vienna Court Orchestra. With Mahler’s death in 1911 he left behind him a critically acclaimed body of work and his unfinished 10th Symphony. Widely celebrated in his lifetime Mahler’s symphonies follow the great tradition of Austrian and German composers but also mark the decline of this form as classical music entered the 20th Century.

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